About Us


Our Story

The project was established by Souhayl Nazurally, who is the ongoing designer, developer, head writer, and managing editor.


Our global, cross-platform network includes our site and Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many other digital platforms.


Our Mission

Channel is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, infographics, latest trends, breaking news, inspirational and funny videos

Channel brings the new side of you which you never thought was existing, it’s a refreshness of your mindset and confidence to a different level. Just like a rising sun, it’s a rise of your life.

The inspiration to a different you. So wake up! Live your way with your highway to the destination of your ambitions.

Meet the Team

We all play many roles. Sometimes we are the star of the show, and sometimes we are a valued member of the crew. What is most important is that we are consistently self-aware enough to understand which role we’re playing when.

Souhayl Nazurally

Founder & CEO


Benjamin Morgan

Article & Blog Writer


Megan Stones

Content Manager