Surprising Things About Men That Women Can’t Resist.

Everyone has their own personal weird turn-ons. Sometimes people are attracted to certain traits or body parts that you would never imagine. But that’s the great thing about us humans — everyone’s different. How else do you expect everyone in the world to find love? One woman’s ideal man may be completely different from another woman’s ideal man.

With that said, it turns out that a lot of women actually like the same strange traits in men. From hairy chests to veiny forearms to grey hair, check out the surprising traits women find attractive in men below.

#1. Veiny Forearms

Not only are they sexy, but they also represent good health. Vascularity is only achieved with regular exercise and reduction of subcutaneous fat, which means men with these forearms are physically strong and very muscular.

Veiny Forearms

#2. Thick Eyebrows

This doesn’t necessarily mean bushy eyebrows, but really nice, thick eyebrows. Eyebrows do a good job at showing off the guy’s eyes.

Thick Eyebrows

#3. Freckles

A lot of people who have freckles tend to be insecure about them, when they should embrace them! They’re adorable and sometimes even hot, this goes for both women and men.


#4. Extra Fluff

Even though abs and muscles are nice and everything, cuddling with a rock isn’t so comfortable. We just need a little extra cushion for the pushin’ so he becomes more huggable.

Extra Fluff

#5. Facial Hair

Most women dig beards, men already know that much. But there’s just something about unkept facial hair that makes it hotter. Perhaps it’s the “too tired to care” attitude that comes along with it.

Facial Hair

#6. Feminine Lips

When we say feminine lips, we mean full and soft lips. It just means there’s a lot more to kiss, that’s all.

Feminine Lips

#7. Scars

Scars make a man look more rugged, masculine, exciting, and overall hot. Scars make men appear more badass and mysterious at the same time.


#8. Sensitivity

Although many guys try their best to not show their tears, most women prefer they do. A guy who shows his emotions and vulnerability is a guy that cares and that can go a long way for women.


#9. Grey Hair

A lot of men start to freak out when they start seeing white or silver hair on their scalp. But instead of freaking out, they should embrace it! Even if the grey hair is premature, it can actually be very attractive.

Grey Hair

#10. Hairy Chests

Typically speaking, you would think hairiness would be unattractive. But there’s just something about those hairy chests…

Hairy Chests

#11. Quirkiness

Quirky guys are different. They’re sometimes clumsy, goofy, and a little strange. “Normal” can easily be boring, which is what makes quirkiness so attractive.


#12. Well Cared Hands

Some women go gaga over manicured manly hands. No one wants to see dirt under fingernails. A guy with nice hands that are well cared for is subtly attractive. They are after all responsible for various tasks outside and inside of the bedroom.

Well Cared Hands


#13. Big Nose

Big noses on men can be very attractive. A large nosed man will stand out in a crowd and he’ll be the one you remember. A big nose adds character to the face. The most attractive people are the ones with a facial flaw of some sort. Some of the biggest male seducers in history had something that was a little off about them.

Big Nose


#14. Clenched Jaw Muscles

A defined jawline is already incredibly attractive on a guy, but when a man with a defined jawline clenches his jaw muscles… Let’s just say a woman wouldn’t mind getting their man a little mad just to see those muscles in action.

Clenched Jaw Muscles

#15. Blushing

Blushing is usually an indicator of embarrassment. Guys who blush after certain actions like receiving a kiss or hug comes off super sweet. It’s a huge turn on.


#16. His Scent

Women love a man’s natural scent mixed with his good smelling cologne. Why else do you think women love wearing men’s shirts so much? So they can smell them all day.

His Scent

#17. Happy Trail

You know where it starts and you know where it ends. It leads to a sacred wonderful area that happen to be many women’s favorite place.

Happy Trail

#18. Glasses

When we were kids in elementary school, we thought glasses were ugly and for nerds. But as adults we realize that intellectuals are hot and glasses actually make guys even sexier.


#19. Sweat

A man sweating isn’t always sexy. But when it is, it’s super sexy. Remember when Mario Lopez had to change his shirt at the Emmys?


#20. Shyness

Women love it when a guy is shy around them. Although confidence is usually what’s considered sexy, a little timidness can also be attractive.


#21. Accents

It’s kind of strange to think that sound can be a source of attraction, but it can really turn any average guy into an irresistible one.


#22. Jealousy

The green eyed envy can get a little scary when it’s taken too far. But just a little bit of jealousy and possessiveness can be a bit of a turn on. Remember, only a little!


#23. Soft Voices

Although a deep manly voice is the standard for sexy voices, soft voices at the same time can be very soothing (not to be confused with high pitched voices). They make women feel safe.

Soft Voices

#24. Nice Socks

It sounds a bit irrelevant, but a nice pair of socks can go a long way. It’s aesthetically pleasing and is small sign that he cares.

Nice Socks

#25. He Loves Animals

Men who love animals are attractive to women. If they own a cat or a dog that’s a huge plus. Taking care of animal is a lot of work and it demonstrates that he’s nurturing, dependable, and willing to care for others. He gets extra points if the cat/dog is one that he rescued.

He Loves Animals

#26. He Cooks

Good food is an aphrodisiac so a guy who can cook a delicious meal will turn on a woman in more ways than one.

He Cooks

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