Woman Snaps Selfie While Her Sister Is In Agony During Childbirth

We’ve seen some pretty hilarious selfies before, but nothing compares to this hilarious moment when a woman photographed her sister during childbirth. 

Kat Armendariz, 27, captured the moment on June 29 at around 3 am, as her sister Kimberly, 20, was in extreme agony during labor. Being that she is a mother of five, Kat thought the labor room selfie of her younger sister was more than justified. 

Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube

She also made sure to ask her sister for permission before snapping the photo. Kat told InsideEdition, “I told her, ‘I am going to take this selfie and you can thank me later. “

“I warned her that I wanted to take a selfie while she was in pain because I did my time already. I wanted to capture that moment from the bottom of my heart. It was out of love,” she said, but also, “I am her sister and a pain in the butt,” Kat continued. 

Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube

Kimberly was in labor for a total of 15 hours at Sierra Providence East Medical Center in El Paso, before she gave birth to her baby boy Zayden. “I didn’t know what I was going to feel, but at that moment, she got it right on time,” Kimberly said of her sister’s photo.

Kat, however, received a lot of backlash on the internet after posting the photo by people saying they would have never done that to their sibling. Kimberly came to her sister’s defense telling InsideEdition, “That is the relationship we have. I was cool with it. I think it was funny!” Kat then interjected saying, “I am her sister. I did my duty.”

Watch the video below:

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