Man Fights Off Woman As She Attempts To Rape Him In Broad Daylight

Leave this man alone lady! What is going on here? Inb4 someone makes a “Can you imagine if the roles were reverse” comment. We know, it would be a shitstorm.

To make matters worse this all took place in broad daylight. Not after a hot night in the club (which still would not make it okay.)

When you watch this video below you should quickly realize what is going on. It is pretty black and white. That didn’t stop the idiots to rush into the comments with “facts” like this: SHE CLEARLY attached to him he is trying to break free she is only harassing him because he has a hold of her and worried about her neck getting broke if it happens he deserve it for absurd conduct .

Yep… Real smart people out there.

The uploader wrote: “When she wants to do nasty things to you with her sinful devil mouth but you’re a virtuous man of God”




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