Dog Who Lost His Best Friend Gets A Toy That Looks Just Like Her

After a Chihuahua lost his best friend- a lamb named Lily, his family gets him a toy that looks like her to comfort him. 

Paddy the Chihuahua was rescued after he was found trying to cross a busy highway. He had a misaligned disk in his neck and when rescuers found him, he kept falling over. Paddy was adopted by a family who not only knew how to properly take care of him, but who were determined to do a good job. 

Credit: Janell Jensen via The Dodo

A few months after Paddy was adopted, the family adopted Lily the lamb, who was the smallest of a set of triplets. When Lily was in the womb, her legs didn’t have enough room to develop correctly, and after she was born, her mother rejected her. 

Janell Jensen is the kind soul who took in both of these injured animals. Jensen and her husband knew Lily would require more care, but they were willing to try. Paddy took a liking to Lily and he stepped in to care for her too.

Credit: Janell Jensen via The Dodo

“When we adopted Lily, Paddy took her under his wing right away and became her official face washer after each and every bottle of lamb’s milk, which at first was every hour,” Jensen told The Dodo. “He snuggled with her to keep her company; she was HIS baby lamb. Lily would also walk over to Paddy and snuggle up to him. They loved each other … they were VERY close.” 

Lily and Paddy both had some balance issues, but still, the dynamic duo ran around the house together and constantly cuddled! They seemed to understand each other’s needs well and be just the right support that the other needed. 

Credit: Janell Jensen via The Dodo

As Lily’s body grew, she could no longer support her frail legs, so the Jensens got her a wheelchair. Unfortunately, Lily lost the use of her back legs completely and she passed away at 15 months old. The whole family was devastated, but Paddy took it the hardest. 

“We could definitely tell that little Paddy missed Lily after she was gone, but we gave him lots of special attention and that seemed to help his grief,” Jensen said. “We all grieved for her in our own way, I guess. She was such a big part of our little family.” 

Credit: Janell Jensen via The Dodo

To help with his grief, Paddy’s aunt sent him a stuffed lamb so that he would have someone to cuddle with in place of Lily. “I put it in his big dog crate, that we call his ‘mancave,’ and he snuggles up to it on his heating pad,” Jensen said.

“I leave the door open and he goes in on his own to snuggle up with his plush Lily.” Paddy misses his best friend, but having a toy that looks just like her is a beautiful reminder of Lily. 

Credit: Janell Jensen via The Dodo

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