Amanda Cerny: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Playboy Model Turned Vine Star

Amanda Cerny really is the whole package: she’s beautiful, in shape, hilarious, willing to help others, and has no problem showing her true colors.

From a Playboy model to a popular Vine and YouTube star, the 24-year-old model has stripped down, covered herself in guacamole and even given lessons on the proper way to eat a banana for the world to see. Her Instagram is filled with gorgeous and racy photos, but she’s doing what she needs to do to break the typical model stereotype and prove that you can be gorgeous and have a personality.


She was always a known model, but her career really took off when she started making funny, sexy Vine and YouTube videos about what women have to go through on an daily basis, as well as her workout routines. She has a strong social media presence with 316,000 Twitter followers, 2.3 million Instagram followers, over 200,000 YouTube subscribers, 4 million followers on Vine, and is even known as the Queen of Snapchat.

She’s one of the most followed people on Vine and is always hanging out with other Vine stars like King Bach, Lele Pons, Josh Peck and Jake Paul. The more videos she made, the more she realized how much she loves to be on screen, and it won’t be long before you start to see Cerny everywhere.


Here are 5 things you need to know about Amanda Cerny…

1. She was Playboy’s Miss October

In 2011, while attending Florida State University, two of her friends brought up the idea of her posing for Playboy. As someone who had never posed nude, she was a little hesitant at first, but she decided to send her bikini modeling photos in anyway. They quickly flew her out to Los Angeles for a photo shoot, and the rest was history.

“And soon enough, I became Miss October 2011,” she told Justin Marroquin. “I am a part of history now. It’s crazy to realize that there are only 12 Playmates chosen every year by Hugh Hefner himself. It is like one big family, and automatically gives you an amazing network in Hollywood.”

From this network, she was then able to move on to several other modeling gigs, and went on to pose for Playboy several other times and was even named one of Sports Illustrated’s Lovely Ladies Of The Day.

(Photo : Instagram/Amanda Cerny)

2. She never had sex with Hugh Hefner

“A big misconception is the Hef thing,” she told Mandatory of being a Playmate. “Everybody thinks that if you’re a Playmate that you have sex with Hef and that’s how you became a Playmate. But, these are the people that know nothing about Playboy. Hef has girlfriends – and now he’s married – who live in the house. For Playmates, he sees photos and approves them for a test shoot and then there is a team of editors who approve those photos and then Hef approves the final centerfold. He’s not some gross guy who is approving girls who sleep with him.”

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People do tend to get the wrong idea when it comes to models who pose nude, and Cerny explained that it’s not always what you think.

“A lot of people think that Playmates are crazy, party girls who blackout all the time, and our lives are all about drinking and going out,” she continued to say. “We go out for work and sometimes we don’t even drink when we do these club appearances.”

(Photo : Instagram/Amanda Cerny)

3. She does a lot for charity

Cerny loves to help others and bring joy to other people’s lives, which is why she started her own charity, the Play Foundation, in Haiti.

“I created the Play Foundation because I wanted to be able to do more,” she said in a Q&A on Interviewly. “I have done a lot of charitable work in Haiti since 2010 and wanted to be even more involved.”

She often posts about the foundation on social media, and she really feels this helps benefit the foundation. “Awareness is always valuable,” she said. She also appeared at Forbes Under 30 Summit, where she spoke and introduced ChangUr, which is a foundation that helps raise money for kids in need.

(Photo : Instagram/Amanda Cerny)

4. She works hard for her abs

When you’re someone who’s often photographed in barely any clothes, it’s important to stay in shape. As one can see from her abs, she’s no stranger the gym, and her Vegan diet isn’t hurting her figure, either. She’s someone who only shops the perimeter of the grocery store, stays away from processed foods and swears by eating a lot of vegetables. As for her workout, she tries to get make it happen at least five days a week, if not every day.

“I like to do cardio every day of the week,” she said on her website. “Some days I run 5 miles and other days I will do the stair master or some High Intensity Interval training.” From boxing, to jump ropes, to sprints, to weights, to ab workouts, she keeps herself extremely busy.

“By the time I leave the gym I barely have one ounce of energy left…and it feels amazing!” she explained. “It all comes down to diet and exercise. Avoid those crash diets and just make eating healthy your lifestyle!”

(Photo : Instagram/Amanda Cerny)

(Photo : Instagram/Amanda Cerny)

5. She’s getting into acting because of Vine

It’s incredible what social media can do these days for someone’s career and Cerny is proof of that. Her six second videos and YouTube tutorials have proven that she’s not only comfortable on camera, but good at it, too.

“Social media is extremely powerful. My large following has given me an entire community of people to broadcast to every day,” she told one Reddit user in a live Q&A. She’s currently working on parts in “#Speedball” and “Betting on Baker,” which are movies that are set to come out sometime in the next year. She’s also been working with Comedy Central a lot lately and is expected to appear in a few of their upcoming projects. She also works closely with the DJs Pool Boyz and has appeared in a few of their comedy videos.

“Currently working on a film career, the model is still hard-at-work on shoots in-between projects and regularly posts saucy shots to her profile,” the Daily Mail said about the social media savvy star. “But showing that she has both beauty and brains, Amanda keeps her Vine regularly updated with hilarious short clips with a tongue-in-cheeky take on the day-to-day lives of women.”

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