5 Things Women First Notice In Men

Learn Little Secrets About Women And Miss No Chance To Charm Her

You may not be interested in spending any time on grooming or spending almost nothing on daily care products. But you know what, when you walk inside a room full of people, women start noticing you. If you’re looking for a date and want women to notice you then check out these few things that a woman first notices in men and miss no chance to attracther.

Physical Structure:

Well, size does matter for women. Your physical structure is what they check out first. You don’t really have to be a body builder. A fit and well maintained body structure is all they like in men. Consider some work out when and maintain your body structure because women neither like too much fatness or too lean men. Women like men to be without bulges and want them to have enough fats that their ribs aren’t visible.

Dress Well:

You may be comfortable in your skin and might feel confident even in dirtiest pair of clothes but women like cleanly dressed men. Women tend to notice how well you’re dressed and it matters to them a lot. The little secret about women is that, they love men in white shirt and black trouser. Formals are their weakness and if you’re wearing a nice ironed clothes, you’ll definitely be noticed.


How you do your hair and beard is another thing that most women first notice. This briefly gives them an idea what your personality is like. If you’re someone who doesn’t care how ugly your beard looks then, then consider a shave or a trim before you’re looking forward to meet women.


Your smile definitely makes an impression in a lady’s life. She like men who smile moderately and whenever needed. Don’t smile too much that they feel you’re creepy or be so serious that they certainly lose interest in you. Women like men who smile and within a few minutes of the meeting, it sends out a warm and welcoming message.


Nothing of the above would matter to her if you’re smelling bad. For any lady, hygiene and smelling good comes above all. It determines how well you take care of yourself. It is a if major turn off for a woman you smell bad. Invest on some manly perfumes and deodorants which lasts longer.

Now that you know all her secrets, use them and charm them naturally.


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