16 Fatal Mistakes in Living Room Design

When doing renovations, we focus on our own feelings without knowing design basics. This is why the result doesn’t always meet our expectations. Bright Side collected the most common mistakes that slip through in living room design. Make sure to read up to the end because there’s one crucial thing you should never do. 16. There’s only upper lighting…

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10 Cool Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your House

Professional designers have several simple tips on how to transform your home into a work of art affordably and in no time. Bright Side wants to share a few designer tricks so you too can do a home interior makeover and personalize it to your style. 10. Accent wall © ladyslittleloves   © inspiredesignandcreate To make your room colorful and exciting, it’s not necessary to paint every wall….

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Designer Secrets to Make Your Home Worthy of a Magazine Cover

Bright Side decided to learn the tricks of Scandinavian interior organization, as used by IKEA designers. Here’s what you should do to make your home look as attractive and unique as those on magazine covers. 8. Choose the right color. © depositphotos The color of a room visually changes it: for example, light colors can make even a small apartment look more spacious. Yet recently there’s a tendency…

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